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Our Story

Fierce Mustang Media is a two-year pilot for a student-run marketing, content creation, media production, and public relations laboratory where San Joaquin County small business owners, startups and nonprofits can come to engage Multimedia students in portfolio building work through flexible, campus-based internships.  


We work to ensure learning with emphasis on real-world experience. Fierce Mustang Media is a way to portfolios, while offering flexible training for students to be competitive in the workforce. 


Additionally, we hope the project will:

  • Retain students in the Stockton and San Joaquin County workforce: Connecting students to potential employers through project-based learning shows students that they don’t have to leave the area to have good jobs or opportunities, we build the workforce through showcasing our area

  • Build community partnerships: By working with small business and nonprofits, we work to promote them better in the community, which allows those organizations to better serve the area

  • Develop a more skilled workforce: While the students will be doing the initial work, we hope the lessons and collaboration will be transferred to our community partners to build a more digital media savvy workforce across the county, specifically through noncredit courses and programs


Fierce Mustang Media is an incubator to community content creation.

Linking Learning to Practice

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