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What We Do

Fierce Mustang Media provides a portfolio of multimedia services for clients, ranging from social media strategy to media production to content creation. Our power is in our student talent, which varies from semester to semester depending on enrollment in our program classes.

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Video Production

Our video work includes short promotional materials to longer documentary-style work. Students involved in Fierce Mustang Media take a range of video courses, where strong technique and storytelling is at the core of what they learn.



Starting with a newly renovated darkroom space at Delta College, students learning and doing photography start with traditional photo experience before diving into digital. Students also have the option

to study photojournalism.


Audio Production

Our on-campus radio station provides students with a professional, FCC licensed lab. They take introductory skills learned by producing public service announcements and accelerate their portfolios on air, and with podcast or packaged audio production pieces.

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Graphic Design

It's not just about learning software for our student producers, it's about honing in on their eyes for design. They're taught vertical integration where they create and build attractive graphics to pull viewers into the work they produce. They understand its all connected. 


Social Media

Social media is part of the digital media storytelling fabric. Students in our programs learn content, strategy, and spread. Our students have expertise in crafting messages and developing short or long term strategy. Their storytelling helps you be seen.

Content Creation

All roads lead to content creation, particularly in a digital media storytelling society. Whether your project is video, audio, or general multimedia based, our students have the ideas and know-how to bring your brand messaging to life.

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