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Become a Client

Are you a non-profit in the Stockton community? Are you a San Joaquin Delta College CTE program or a program that provides essential student services on campus?  

If you answered yes to any of the above and have photography, videography, audio production, graphic design, and or social media content needs, and you want to support digital media students, consider reaching out to us.  

Initial consultation with the Fierce Mustang Media team is free. Securing a contract based on needs requires a $200 nonrefundable deposit paid to the Fierce Mustang Media 501(c)(3) through the San Joaquin Delta College Foundation.

We also ask that clients provide letters of recommendation for students and allow students to use the work completed in professional portfolios upon completion of projects. 


Fierce Mustang Media seeks clients who fit the following criteria. 

Off campus partners must be: 

  • Nonpolitical  

  • Legally registered small businesses or nonprofits 

  • Lacking a comprehensive media team 


On campus partners must be: 

  • Programs in need of increased media presence 

  • Not tied to a campus marketing campaign or larger strategy (please consult the Office of Marketing and Communications for those requests) 


Fierce Mustang Media may elect to take on a client for longer durations, initial consultation and scope of work is meant to be started and completed in a single semester because of the turnover nature of our students.  


What We Do

Fierce Mustang Media works with on and off campus partners to create digital assets, including: 

  • Video production 

  • Audio production 

  • Headshots 

  • Photography 

  • Public relations 

  • Graphic design 

  • Social media content 

  • Social media strategy 


Projects are completed in 8-to-15-week timeframes depending on needs and complexity. Work is completed based on arranged and mutually agreed-upon deadlines with Delta College faculty, students, and the client. Deadlines will be tied to semester beginnings and ends in order to measure student success and allow project faculty to issue grades.


Clients do not get a say in the issuance of grades and faculty will not entertain conversations related to that area. 


We understand every organization’s needs are different, so the wants of one may not be that of another. 


Client Process

How do we decide on deliverables?  


Approved clients will get an email with a link to complete a Google form that will give us introductory information about your project needs. Clients are required to meet with students to develop strategy, and expectations and sign a contract. Following that meeting, students will present clients with a pre-production plan. Once the plan is approved student producers will move forward with planning to execute deliverables. 

Examples of deliverables:  

  • A two to three-minute video that promotes your program/service.  

  • Photography/Graphic: this can be a YouTube thumbnail, podcast cover art, a photo slideshow, social media graphic. 

  • An audio PSA about your program/service 

  • A social media strategy with creatives 


After students have rough cuts of deliverables, they will be presented to clients for feedback.  


Clients are expected to give prompt feedback. You will have seven days to offer edits. Students will then make the edits and they will present the new version to the client. You will have three rounds of edits before the final delivery is made. Students will also present you with an invoice as part of the learning process. This is so that they can begin to attach a numerical value to their skillset to support the transition to the workforce. 

Projects allows Fierce Mustang Media the opportunity to serve our community and build their professional portfolios at the same time.  

Do not apply for this opportunity if you are too busy to make time for our students. Client participation is necessary throughout this process.  


Client Selection Timeline

Fierce Mustang Media operates in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. To apply for consideration for the upcoming semester, please be advised of the application deadlines. 

  • Summer 2024: March 30 

  • Fall 2024: July 31 

  • Spring 2025: Oct. 31 


Clients will be notified of selection before the first week of the semester. Clients who are not selected, but wish for another chance may reapply. 

Service Limitations

Fierce Mustang Media looks to provide a robust and thorough media experience for all those involved – students and clients. On that end, please note that the work here is being produced by students who are in classes and internships related to the areas of study. 

We do not aim to overpromise. The scale and scope of work will be dictated by the student talent in the program in the particular semester you engage the group. That may mean service limitations if someone of the talent scope your organization is looking for is not available.  

In as much, project faculty reserve the right to turn down clients that do not align with the talent pool for any given semester.  

While we aim to provide professional-quality work above expectation, we ask that clients and prospective clients remember these are students in a learning aligned, structured environment. 

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